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You have selected the Aviation membership level.

By joining the Aviation tier, you will receive access to:
  • The Previously On Poster; an exclusive art piece by Ky celebrating the different events of his life that year, signed and delivered to your door (requires minimum 3 months)
  • Access to Extended Vlogs – alot longer versions of vlogs made public
  • Mystery Postcards, some might be handwritten from his travels, others designs celebrating project releases, it’s a mystery.
Plus all previous tier rewards:
  • The Vault
  • Private Discord channels
  • Music Videos Early
  • Monthly Group Zoom call
  • Archived Live Streams
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Original Song
  • Journey Of A Song
  • Private Instagram
  • Exclusive Photo Galleries
  • Music Video Credit

The price for membership is $75.00 per Month.

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